Ruby and Accessibility

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The document Rules for Simple Placement of Japanese Ruby has been moved here.

The information below about accessibility was removed from that document, and is retained here until it can be extended, at which point it will be published as a separate, accessibility-specific document.

Ruby and Accessibility ルビとアクセシビリティ

Accessibility Improvements Using Ruby ルビによるアクセシビリティの向上

Ruby plays a role in improving accessibility for people with visual impairments, and other sources of reading difficulties. Therefore, this section examines the relationship between ruby and accessibility.


Reading difficulties can be caused by a variety of factors, and therefore, requirements to improve accessibility also vary. For example, here are some common requirements:


Ruby Display Requirements for Accessibility アクセシビリティにとってのルビの表示要件

Based on the above, we can gather the following ruby display requirements for accessibility:


  1. Support for general-ruby is required.


  2. Support for para-ruby is required. Moreover, as the number of kanji known increases with the level of studies, based on the content and on the level of the reader, it must be possible to only display ruby for kanji assigned to a particular school year (or later).


  3. Support for hiding ruby is required.


  4. Considering the cost of production, distribution, and of user management, it is necessary to support ruby-less display, general-ruby display, and para-ruby display with the same content.


  5. A method to clearly visually distinguish the ruby characters and their based characters, such as displaying them in different colors, is required.